Beginning of the End!

Hey everyone!  My name is Jason, I am a registered nurse and I have struggled with weight loss for 27 years.  I have put a lot of effort into weight loss by trying to eat better and exercise.  Even if I did lose weight I would gain it back within months.  I have put hundreds of hours in the gym and exercising outside.  And all for what?  In high school I weighed around 175lbs. I am 41 years old now, and with all my effort and attempts to prevent weight gain I managed to increase my weight to 280lbs, with no end in sight to how much weight I would gain.  I was extremely unhappy.

So what was and is the problem?  You have to understand that exercise is a calorie buffer.  Exercising will do one of three things: it can help you lose weight, maintain weight, or not gain as much weight.  When we have a society such as ours, where we have a constant presence of unhealthy foods which are convenient to eat, we have a tendency to eat too many calories.  So, weight loss can be difficult and we are more likely to maintain weight or not gain as much weight with exercise.  Because of this almost 70% of Americans are overweight to obese.  So the issue really isn't that we do not exercise or move enough, the issue is that we need to be able to eat better foods and create an environment of weight maintenance and weight loss.  And how do we do that when everything tastes so good?

I know that I should eat more plant based foods: fruits, vegetables, nuts, and legumes but we are much more likely to choose foods that taste better and are easier to get, such as fast food.  As a RN I understand the complexities that go into choosing our diet and the health issues that a poor diet can cause later in life.  I have had a difficult time throughout my life trying to stay away from foods that I should not be eating.  My diet was often out of control!

I was laying in bed trying to figure out how to eat better and I had an idea.  I thought about this idea for a month and then one morning decided to try this idea.  My life changed!  I was now able to develop a method to control what food I put into my mouth.  I no longer felt addicted to food and a slave to my taste buds.  Within a few months I lost 30lbs.  I will continue to lose weight but I want to share these life changing weight loss tools and processes with everyone!