What This Site is About

I will teach you “Probability Weight Loss” a new weight loss strategy that enables you to assess, plan, implement, and evaluate your weight loss efforts.  All food decision making will become easier with use of the new aversion therapy "Bitters End" and B-Block.

Weight loss comes down to  more calories burned then calories put into our bodies but that is not what weight loss is about.  Weight loss is about navigating through our world successfully without putting too much stress on our mental and physical ability to lose weight.  You will learn how to do this by completing six lessons.  Each lesson contains one of the five key tactics that when put together, lesson six, will produce weight loss.

Probability weight loss is about understanding the continuum's that we live in.  As an example, one of the key tactics is to cut out added sugar.  This is not a choice to do this but a process; we only choose to begin the process.  If we look at the continuum of eating sugar we can say that on the far right of the continuum we are eating  an incredible amount of added sugar without holding back.  On the far left of the continuum we can say we have cut out all added sugar.  In the middle of the continuum we can say we are eating in between the two extremes.  Now what does that mean?  It means that the closer we are able to move to the left side of the continuum, less added sugar, the greater the chance we will lose weight given that it does not stress our mental/physical ability too much.  You can not cut all of the "bad" food out and eat just vegetables, fruit, nuts, and legumes; that would be too stressful and would cause us to break and go back into our old eating habits.  What I ask is that we start to cut certain things from the diet and as we progress moving toward the left side, less added sugar, of the continuum it becomes easier and more consistent to continue.  With saying that we always have the option to move back to the left and eat more added sugar if we feel things are becoming hard for us to handle.

The lesson goes much more in-depth than this but this is the main idea.  When decreasing the amount of added sugar you eat the greater the probability that you will lose weight.  When you do this for all five tactics you will lose weight.