What You Will Learn.

We can exercise, we can be active, and then we can exercise some more but none of that will get your weight to where you want to be until YOU learn to control what you eat.  Most popular weight loss programs today focus on getting the best body you can in three months with grueling workouts and following their diet plan.  Other diet plans deliver their food to you and advise you to exercise most days of the week for at least a half hour.  While other programs give you specific guidelines as to a specific macro-nutrient  range with each meal, i.e. how much protein, carbohydrates, and fats should be in each meal.

I will teach you "Probability Weight Loss" a new weight loss strategy that enables you to assess, plan, implement, and evaluate your weight loss efforts.

What I will teach you is food focused first with energy output/exercise second.  I will teach you to increase your probability to lose weight.  Living in a society that is sugar and fat loaded greatly reduces the probability that you will lose weight.  Living in a society that demands long work hours and more time sitting on our bottoms reduces the probability that you will lose weight.  I will teach you to recognize what increases our probability to gain weight and how to work around these issues.